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The company’s Flagship Product

Konnect Insights is an all-in-one customer experience management solution that enables better brand-customer relationships.

Social listening

Listen to your audience
Don’t miss out on any conversation on any channel (offline & online) pertaining to your brand, your competitors and the industry.

Online Reputation

Enhance brand’s reputation
Take the right measures to keep your customers happy and your brand’s perception positive and valuable

Social CRM

Measure customer service impact
Analyze the CSAT for all your service efforts and measure the performance of your agents for improvements

Social Analytics

Get decision-driving insights
360 degree analytics about your brand’s performance, perception and standing

Omni Channel Customer Experience
Management Platform

Social Publishing

Keep your audience engaged
Plan and execute marketing messages and campaigns through social media that drive engagement and community building

Survey & Feedback

Care for your customers
Respond and interact with your customers real-time and resolve their queries efficiently with smart workflows

BI Tools & Dashboard

Simplify reporting with intelligence
Know what matters most to your brand and the management, laced with intelligent reporting and insights

Crisis Management

Mitigate crisis
Be well informed about trends and impending critical situations and be ready with a communication plan to manage them

Multiple teams collaborate seamlessly

Get rid of silos

Integration with 3000+ apps

Centralization of data

Unified view of customer

All tickets in one place

Holistic analytics

Best in class UI/UX

No learning curve

Scalable and secure

Language agnostic

Applicable across verticals

Life At Prudence


4 Pillars of Customer Experience Management

A concept created by Mr. Sameer Narkar, Founder at Konnect Insights

The key aspects of the first 2 pillars are to ensure you get data from all possible platforms. Web, Social Media, and Emails we offered traditionally and ensuring you do not miss out on anything was our unique value proposition. Going beyond we started offering data from offline stores or locations using the QR code. This became a great feature in our product and many customers started implementing it.

Calling has always been an extremely essential channel for customers to get in touch with their brand and voice out their concerns whereas, Chats are emerging as a powerhouse for customer service and support. It is also essential that these channels are also included when you are listening and seeking valuable information. To get these features in Konnect Insights we integrated these apps into our marketplace. Within your Konnect Insights tickets (if you have integrated calling functionality) you can now make outgoing calls. And at the same time, the incoming calls can be made by the customer to the available agent.
We added loads of features to our analytics module in 2021. Earlier, in the year we fine-tuned our dashboards with a lightweight and fluid design and introduced color themes to match the brand colors. We then added templates in dashboards and then cloning features. There were huge additions in the BI tools (custom reports) module which is now the favorite tool for most of our customers. If you are pro at using Tableau or Power BI or even the pivots in excel spreadsheets you will love the BI tools of Konnect Insights. The CRM integrations, and having one view of the customer are integral to analytics and hence they both combined to make a strong third pillar of CXM. The CRM integrations can bring in the additional information you need about the customer in Konnect Insights and at the same time, it can push valuable tickets and contact information to your CRM from Konnect Insights.

Integrations with your marketing automation tools such as Hubspot, MS Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, Mailchimp can help you drive your marketing strategies effectively. You need to divide your customers into segments (the classifications of Konnect Insights) and can come up with a communication plan to reach out to these customer segments, and send them targeted messages by publishing content on social media or running marketing campaigns that are automated for better reach.
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